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it's always better to start off with some inspiration~

We may have heard about stories of Indie game developers, akin to solo entrepreneurs, doing everything from artworks to programming, to marketing, and publishing the game all by themselves.

Just is there a way to ease the development life of those indie game developers? what could be a booster for them during the initial game development? Here's my list of top 6 sources that I find useful for creating first games, venturing into the Game Development World as an indie developer, or perhaps beginning the hobby game programming.


this is like the marketplace where I could pick up some games, maybe some tutorial courses, books, as well as game assets and tools. From time to time they have different tools, assets, and software up for sale. You may specify the amount of donation you want to pay for the items you wish to grab. sometimes, pretty much value from that 1USD donation too. Heads out to to see what's available at the moment.


Kenney Assets

I'm pretty impressed with the work and amount of assets he puts up for free in the Indie developer community. You may find regular updates, sharing, and communication from his Twitter profile here, and the download at his website.

kenny-asset.jpg FREE game assets

the place where Game Developers may freely share their works on this platform. There is tons of material and inspiration here. You may find art styles that you like, or game mechanisms that might catch your attention.

Texture Packer

This one is a tool that has been a while for a long time.. considering sometimes we want to do the Sprintsheet for animation, it's quite useful for combining all the pictures assets. Very likely you find a good use case with this tool

Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 12.51.25 AM.jpg


one of the sound clip production tool that still available until today, (which they ported from Flash to HTML5). It's an amazing tool that I used for GameJam, or just creating sounds effect for my mini-game. You may enjoy the crisp, retro, pixel games sound effects from this sound editor too.



lastly here.. a simple yet interesting music reference. It's not a tool to produce anything, but more like an inspiration to you on creating some basic loop background music for pixel games.

Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 12.21.56 AM.jpg

here's just few tools from me that I find them useful. Do you have any tools, assets source, reference sitting in your toolbox? Perhaps share with me in the comment below.

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