The Evolutions of Chess & Computer

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The Evolutions of Chess & Computer

this begins with the days of cardboard box and chessboard, that's how I get to know the existence of chess, and these picture are found from the internet. My original box, already lost to time, wear and tear. I kinda remember at the back of the cover there is some instructions explaining how to play the pieces.

Then the discovery from Microsoft Entertainment Pack 4*, back then on Windows 95, or windows 98. From there, I kinda fascinated by the 'move list' I wasn't sure what was that then, and also discovering the opening book thingy, again, I don't have clue at that age, and English was something I don't understand much then.

Some time later, when there is change of computer, trying to find back what's the original chess program above, to no avail, there landed on this Classic Board games, which come in the form of CD installer. I remembered that in order to have full experience, music sound track, then I have to put in the CD, otherwise, the game itself is still playable. That's .. a totally simplified chess experience, it does help me to discover other things like, Shogi.

Some time later, when the Internet Era comes, I finally came across the '', where nowadays there is finally a modern only chess interface, a web app. '' . This was one of the client-server kind of chess games, with a lot 'chat channels', and get to watch some tutorials.

fast-forwards many years later like 2023, now we have, things are lot more mature, and we have sophisticated chess engine.

thus, a long journey from a simple game on physical chessboard, at some points I substitute the paper one with wooden board (cake board), that last a long while during my teenage time, and now finally to the digital age. A long and interesting journey in chess. Much have changed in the landscape of learning to play chess.

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